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Welcome to HyPower Equipment

The silent, low-cost, universally acclaimed production problem solver, combining easy-to-use power equipment with a compact 5000 psi power source.

HyPower is a complete product line that offers you an economical, convenient way of performing many kinds of production operations quickly, easily, and efficiently. A well proven rugged system, HyPower includes a broad variety of units to solve your production problems. HyPower is known and acclaimed the world over as the most durable, the most versatile, the best hydraulic power equipment available.

Uses for HyPower are many. From its beginning as a portable riveter over six decades ago, the HyPower line has become much broader in application. Riveting, punching, de-riveting, pressing, marking, coining, blanking, shearing, bending, forming... these are only a few of the things you can do with HyPower.

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